Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
October 9, 2017



Enhance your skincare (and take time for yourself while you do it)

As much as we all want to go for a facial every month, sometimes that’s not possible – whether it’s your time or budget that doesn’t allow for it. But these shouldn’t get in the way of you being able to take time for yourself and your skin.

Little changes have a big impact, and that’s why the new Panasonic 3-in-1 Micro-Current Facial Enhancer is ideal to use whether you have 3 minutes or 15. Using advanced technologies to optimise the effect of your regular skincare products, it improves moisture levels in the skin, giving you less visible pores with fewer wrinkles. It has 3 settings of Purifying, Moisturizing and Cooling which extract dirt from the pores, moisturise and tighten the skin. I was advised to use it 4 times a week, as my skin can get quite congested. I also tested out the Facial Steamer, which is a great way to unclog pores and naturally hydrates your skin.

What’s great about these products is that you can use them at home to give your skin a proper deep clean (very important if you’re living in London or any other polluted cities) without having to schedule in an appointment.

Below I’ve outlined how I use the Enhancer:

Step 1: Purifying. Here I placed a cotton pad soaked in my usual toner on the head of the device. In this setting, the titanium head heats up to 37-43degrees which heats up the pores and in turn extracts up to 60% more deep set dirt and grease from the skin. 3 minutes.

Step 2: Moisturising. Applying either a hydrating serum or mask on my skin. I then go in with the moisturising phase. By just moving the device over my face, it’s ion current produces a electro-osmotic flow which improves molecular water movement, thus allowing the ingredients of the product to properly penetrate and activate it’s moisturizing substances deeper into the skin. 3 minutes. 

Step 3: Cooling. If I was using a mask before, I’ll remove the excess with a flannel. If it was a serum for the moisturising stage I’ll go straight onto Cooling. The titanium head becomes very cold and this not only soothes and calms the skin but also lifts and tightens. If you get puffy eyes this is also a great remedy for them. 2 minutes.

See more about the Microcurrent Enhancer here.


this post was created in collaboration with Panasonic