Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
November 16, 2017



That’s right, it’s Christmas soon. And with Christmas inevitably comes along Christmas shopping.

Site after site has created a handy Christmas Gift Guide for you. I thought I’d find myself very punny (nothing new there) and create a Christmas GIF guide to show you the things you should be putting on your list in motion. In fact, you might as well just send the URL of this to your [insert family member] who has asked what you’d like.

My rule for gifts is something I wouldn’t buy myself, for myself. It’s got to be a luxury of sorts, or something fun and unusal.



The ultimate gift, perfect for both receiving and giving. My motto is you can never have too many candles.



Smell good: feel good. Whether you want something light and floral or dark and musky, there’s some great new launches around this year.


The festive season allows you to be a little bit more extra with your look. Whether it’s blood red lips or glowing eyes, it’s a great time to buy mini’s to test and find your favourites for the year to come.


 Big jars of goodness that will last until next Christmas, and get your on track for great skin in 2018. Especially great if you can’t afford them yourself.

You Time

More about the feeling than the present itself, these gifts are the (very aesthetically pleasing) way of giving someone the gift of relaxation.

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