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Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
November 7, 2017



Exploring myself through self portraiture.

I’ve almost always shot myself for this blog, my camera has a wifi option and since I’m a photographer it’s often easier to set it up myself to get the shot I have in mind rather than hoping someone else might capture it. This year, I’ve been exploring the notion of self and self portraiture in the era of the selfie.

I love playing with the idea of how I see myself versus how others might see me. I’ve been exploring it all summer shooting self portraits throughout my travels. I work alone and sometimes travel alone for work (or, at least it’s with other ‘colleagues’ rather than a group of friends) and so often start shooting self portraits. But even when I am with friends, it’s a way for me to go and be by myself and have time out from the crowd. I’m an introvert so creating something by myself renews my energy. It’s become an intrinsic part of those trips as it allows me to create content for the blog, but also for myself – a passion project of sorts.

I’ve always been obsessed with the female body in photos. Just look at my Tumblr and it’s a clear visual influence of mine. The body women are in and the way they use it, and express themselves through it is very powerful. There’s something about skin and flesh in a photo that adds a very human aspect for me. We see so many #OOTDs now that clothes feel like something to fit in with (or to post about what will sell most) rather than a true expression of how you feel and want to express yourself to the world and people around you. Skin is skin (and it’s no secret I love skin and skincare). To me, the way someone holds themselves, quite literally, in their skin says so much.

These days, we so often create images ‘for the ‘gram’. Which don’t get me wrong – I totally do! But as a photographer I want to keep exploring photography, whether I share it or not. For me it’s all an exploration of light, of angles, of personality and memories.

It’s play rather than work. I hope to keep creating these personal portraits to look back on in years and remember a part of myself and how I felt on those exact days that I shot them. It’s also taught me to love my body more. I find all bodies beautiful and intriguing. I love shooting others and looking at others work to find inspiration and never once have I thought that a photo wasn’t beautiful due to the body size or shape of the subject.

It took me a while to share these shots, but I feel really happy to be doing so as it’s reminded me just how caught up in the world of social media and comparison I can get, when really I just love photography, and creating beautiful photos. I haven’t shared these anywhere before, so please do enjoy them and would love for you to join in the conversation on instagram.

I’ve also now done a limited run self portrait print, which  you can see here.

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