Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
January 9, 2018



Creating a space to live and work in – and feeling like a real adult and buying proper furniture.

I moved into my new flat at the end of August and since had no furniture of my own when I moved in, it was time to take the look and feel I wanted for my space into my own hands. This isn’t to say I’ve never owned furniture before, but I’ve bought bits that I don’t care enough for that I would move them with me. And moving country to the other side of the world and back kind of means you have to say goodbye to anything you did like.

I didn’t want to spend a fortune but I wanted quality pieces that are going to last me. It started when I found my dresser at an antiques shop down the road from me, and then I scoured the internet to find a similar style of bedside table. Which thankfully, I found here. I had never thought of La Redoute for a homeware destination, but then when I spotted my dream rug, I knew it would be somewhere I would be coming back to for furniture in the future.

The space I’m living in is quite open and has big beams on the ceilings and walls so to make it feel homey I wanted to create a cosy feel to my bedroom. I found that a rug and great sheets were the way forward. I like all white sheets normally, but for winter I decided to mix and match with pink and light grey to make the colours in the room feel a bit warmer. Linen sheets are my favourite.

I don’t own that many clothes, as I’m sure you know, beauty products are my vice, so I didn’t want to get a big wardrobe that would ruin the open vibe of the room. Instead I managed to find a great custom made copper rail on Etsy (here) to fit into the space between my door and dressing table.

I like having little trinkets, books, postcards and candles around. I feel like they add personality to any room and store little memories all over the flat. Of course, I’ve also got my prints on the walls, which keep me dreaming of sunshine. In fact, I have the Icebergs Sunrise on my wall by my bed, so when I wake up it’s one of the first things I see and it always puts a smile on my face. (pssst in January I’m offering 25% off my prints with the code JanLove)

For storing my beauty products somewhat neatly I like using big trays, of which I’ve found great ones here and here. For both makeup brushes and plants alike, I found these beautiful grey cement pots at local shops, but managed to find the same ones online for you here.

All in all I think my interior style is an organised mess. One which I’m happy to be living in.