Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
February 17, 2018



Good skincare is skincare that works. Even better if it doesn’t break the bank.

Repavar is a well known brand in Spain, that use natural products with the top scientific research to create incredible products – and for that reason one of the most trusted brands for all things skin – so I’m very excited that it’s now available for us here in the UK.

I was honoured to work with Repavar on their launch to tell you more about their Beauty Flash Ampoules, which are like a shot of Vitamin C for you face, and will wake up any tired or dull looking skin. As you’ll see in the video below, it adds radiance to my skin immediately (which can be especially hard to achieve when living in a polluted city like London). Plus, the product is natural and can be applied to the face, neck and décolletage. Make sure you use my code below to when you get yours.

But I’ll let you watch the video for you to see how I like to use it and why it’s so great…

You can buy a pack of 5 ampoules here (for just over a fiver!) and 20 here.

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this post was created in collaboration with Repavar