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Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
July 25, 2018



I was never really into tights as an adult – they reminded me of school and how uncomfortable they were; pulling them up – ultimately ripping them – and the excitement of taking them off the second I got home. So I certainly never thought I’d be teaming up with a hosiery brand and shooting self portraits wearing just that.

I first tried on a pair of Heist at the beginning of this year. I went for The Fifty denier. I’d been told they were ‘different’. But come on, I thought, how different can a pair of tights be? I was swiftly proved wrong. The thing I noticed right away was that they are gusset-less which immediately offers more freedom – both in actually putting them on and once you’re walking around in them. Plus they’re seamless, so the fabric never digs in, sags or itches. Ideal. It seems (pun intended) the things I hated most about tights had been taken away. I was officially converted.

Come summer I was intrigued to try out a nude tight (again, horrible flash backs from school and having to wear the wrong skin colour shade). Heist told me that in July (today!) they were launching even more shades of the nude after having launched The Nude Project last summer in which 85,000 women from across the world submitted their ‘nude’ skin tone via a dedicated Heist microsite. From those they created a database of shade reference and from that found 1000 distinct shade tones. Yes, 1000. No wonder we’ve been having trouble finding the right nude shade for everyone. So Heist took all those shades into account and in house data scientist clustered them into seven new nude tones, making the range inclusive for everyone. Pretty impressive.

So I bet you’re wondering – what’s your shade? Well, each shade has a number (I’m wearing 030 here) and you can choose from high waisted or low – again with no digging. A bit like you’d choose a pair of yoga leggings. They look and feel luxe without breaking the bank (and won’t snag so you know they’re worth it). You can find your shade and number here.

To me, they feel like I’m not wearing anything – which is how a pair of tights should be: not reminding you at every second that you’re wearing them. Plus the 18 denier means they’re perfectly breathable for summer and invisible on the skin.

Below you can see the series of self portraits I created to celebrate this new launch. And if you know me and my photograph, then you know I love to Go Nude

You can check out the new Heist nude shades here.

this post was created in collaboration with Heist