Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
August 28, 2018



A little secret makeup hack of mine that I’ve used for years to add to the glow of my skin.

We all know about highlighters – cream or powder – which we add after we’ve done our base. But this is all about adding glow before you’ve even used foundation. I rely on a glowing primer for this.

Over the years, I’ve narrowed it down to my favourite 6 (lots of narrowing went on, really!) and these are they. The best part is that they’re simple to use, just apply a generous layer all over your face before going in with your foundation. I find even just applying a glowing primer makes such a huge difference to how my skin looks – in these photos I’m just wearing the primer, no foundation. It works by reflecting light away from areas of the face that might be darker or in shadow which can often make the skin look more tired and dull. This way I only need to apply anymore coverage just where I need it, rather than all over.

The Estée Lauder, Sensai and Bareminerals primers have sun protection in, but I always end my skincare with an SPF 50 so I see this as more of a top up in addition to this, as I’ll only be applying once in the day if I’ve got makeup on.

If you’re looking to warm up your skin tone at the same time as adding glow, opt for the Smashbox Radiance Primer or the Cosmetics à la Carte Complexion Enhancer – which I tend to reach for on my greyer days.

The Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector and Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter are my most recent discoveries, and both pack a punch of glow. Just how I like it.


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