Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
November 5, 2018



The definitive list of my favourite products. I often get asked which products I recommend for each step of a routine, so thought I would have them all in one place, which can be saved to your favourites tab and referred back to whenever you like. If I discover a new product, I will add it to this list so you can be assured it’s always up to date with my favourites!

I’ve linked every product under the header description for each skincare category, simply click on the image if you want to find out more about any product – they are affiliate links so I will make a small commission from any sale. I’ve tried to include an option to fit each budget for each category.


I use these to remove my makeup at night. I apply onto dry skin and massage into my skin (even onto my eyes, but more gently around this area) and then remove with a muslin cloth or flannel.

I use these as my second cleanse in the evening, or as my cleanse in the morning. I wash these off with lukewarm water and then gently pat my face with a towel.


Now, I don’t advocate using harsh physical exfoliators, but these are either made with gentle rice bran or use enzymes to gently buff away at any dead skin cells.

You’ll see the best effect from eye cream if you make sure you use it both morning and night. Apply it gently with your ring finger under and around your eye. This area of skin is much more fragile than the rest of your face so be gentle but diligent. You don’t need to use a lot – half a pea size for both eyes is more than enough.

Hydration is key to all healthy skin, no matter your age or skin issues. Serums are perhaps my favourite way to add hydration to the skin as they can go deeper into the layers of the skin than a moisturiser, which sits on top. I use these morning and night. Serums use more concentrated ingredients – such as hyaluronic acid to deliver effective results and should be part of every skincare routine. These are worth investing in.

I use this after cleansing in the morning. They tend to have Vitamin C in which helps to brighten the skin and even skin tone (whether from dark spots or acne scars) Antioxidants helps the skin fight free radicals throughout the day.

I love a good mist. Whether it’s to refresh throughout the day, hydrate on a flight or take away any powdery look from my makeup – they have endless uses and sometimes the only thing to wake you up properly after staring at a screen too long. If my skin is feeling sensitive, I also love to mist my face before I apply my serum – as serums absorb better onto moist skin.

A lightweight, liquid product that is to be applied after cleansing to improve the absorption of your products after (ie get the most out of that serum you invested in) while also helping calm redness and dryness.

Only ever for a natural glow (think weekend in Italy rather than 2 weeks in Bali) I started using fake tan on my face years ago as my body goes a lot darker than my face. I’m not a mitt kind of girl and prefer to use boosters (where you add a few drops to your moisturiser) and body lotions and mists that have added benefits of some colour. I use these several times a week on my face and whenever I need a top up on my body.

Normally a water gel texture, I love these in the summer or if my combination skin is feeling a little more on the oily side. They are great hydrators and great on sensitive skin (keep in the fridge for extra cooling effect) as they help strengthen the outer layer of skin – which is your barrier to the world. I apply these after serum.

The end of any good skincare routine – think of moisturiser as your way of locking all the good ingredients from your previous products in.

Yes, daily. Wearing sun protection every day (even in cloudy London) will protect your skin from sun damage (if it’s not pitch black – then there’s sun rays around) and blue light damage (yup your phone is harmful too!) These are my favourite ones that don’t feel heavy or look greasy under makeup.

AHA’s are used as a chemical exfoliant, and include glycolic and lactic. I love using these types of products in the evening, before a hydrating serum and moisturiser. The acid breaks down the ‘glue’ between dead skin cells leaving your with smooth, glowing skin.


Namely, salicylic. Because it is oil soluble it is able to penetrate into the pore lining where it can dissolve clogs that lead to bumps on the skins surface. It’s also great at calming the skin so if your skin is more sensitive, it’s the one for you. It’s great for breakouts – and even preventing breakouts before they build up. You can use every night, or even just apply to areas that are more prone to clogging.

If acid’s prove too much for your skin, using enzymes is a great option to gently exfoliate the skin and calm inflammation. Enzymes break down the keratin protein that can become hard and dull on the outside of the skin. Enzymes will eat away at the top layer of this leaving you with smooth, clear skin.

In other words, Vitamin A. One of the most incredible ways to keep your skin plump, wrinkles and breakout free. It works by resurfacing the skin A higher percentage doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better – start with a low percentage and build your skin tolerance up. So once the first week, two times the second week… and so on. You can read my full blogpost on it here.

I love using a resurfacing mask once or twice a week, to really give my skin new life! I feel like the products I use always work better when their aren’t any dead skin cells clogging my pores, too. Below I’ve included products that use either acids and / or enzymes to gently resurface. I was once told that using these every week meant I’d have skin that didn’t need foundation. Needless to say, I was sold.

Giving your skin enough hydration is something all skin types and skin issues will benefit from. Especially with oily skin and breakouts, people often think they need to dry the skin out – but well hydrated skin is healthy skin and these problems will actually get better with better moisture levels in the skin. You can use a hydrating mask everyday if you like.

Mostly using clay to draw impurities out of the pores, using a clay mask once or twice a week is a great way to minimise breakouts and clear pores. Don’t do these the day before an even as you will sometimes breakout as the dirt leaves your skin.


A great way to add instant hydration to the skin, I love using face masks before big events, too, as they prime the skin really well for makeup. These work really well on all skin types.


I talk a lot about avoiding essential oils since they are natural irritants to the skin. Since I have sensitive skin I can’t use these (citrus are the most irritating for me), but I love using a good oil, especially when the weather is cooler as my skin just drinks it up. Rosehip is a favourite oil of mine as it’s great for hydrating and healing. And if you have oily skin you should definitely be using an oil! If you give your skin what it needs it will stop producing so much of it itself.


These are products that are great for those prone to redness. Whether you want to physically calm a sudden redness, or want to keep your protected (aka toughened up!) from the elements to keep redness at bay, these are my favourite products to use.


Great when taken orally to help the gut, or applied topically to help your skin’s microbiome (healthy bacteria) defend your skin from aggressors such as pollution and sun. Probitiocs are the live bacteria, prebiotics are the food they eat. They are clinically proven to calm and soothe the skin, so whether you have sensitive skin, are prone to breakouts or even suffer from eczema or rosacea these are perfect for you.


Collagen levels in the skin decrease as we age so it’s important to keep levels high for healthy, plump skin. The collagen protein is responsible for the structure of the skin, so when levels are high your skin should be glowing and wrinkle free. You can naturally aid production with facial massage, too.

A good mix of all the tools you need for dry brushing, lymphatic drainage, facial massage, washing off oil cleansers, applying mask, carving cheekbones, zapping spots, getting your beauty sleep and more…