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Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
January 9, 2019



Travel can be really tough on the skin – and that’s why I’m always looking for products that will work just as well when I’m travelling as they do in my daily life at home in London. I’ve teamed up with NEUTROGENA® to talk to you about the Mask Collection, and the benefits each one can bring to the skin.

They’re perfect for travel as they don’t take up lots of room in my case – but the real reason I love them is because of how beneficial they are to the skin and the incredible ingredients they use.

NEUTROGENA® Hydrogel Recovery Masks

The NEUTROGENA® Hydrogel Masks are unlike traditional masks I’ve used because the hydrogel format means they actually stay fixed on your face, so I can get on with other tasks while getting the full benefits. When I’ve been travelling, the first thing I do when I arrive to my hotel is put on the NEUTROGENA® Hydro Boost Hydrogel Recovery Mask which is incredible for getting the hyaluronic acid levels in my skin back on track after a long (drying!) plane journey. This one is probably my all-round favourite, but I also love the NEUTROGENA® Radiance Boost Hydrogel Recovery Mask which uses the power of Vitamin B3 to illuminate the skin – perfect for adding some glow before I head out for dinner. NEUTROGENA® Ageless Boost Hydrogel Recovery Mask is my go-to if some fine lines are showing up as it’s packed full of adenosine, and NEUTROGENA® Purifying Boost Hydrogel Recovery Mask uses seaweed extract to detoxify the skin if I feel my skin is getting clogged up.

Each of these has the equivalent of a 30ml bottle of serum in it for your skin to drink up. Yes that’s right, a whole bottle. Which means you can 1 month’s intense serum recovery in just 15 minutes.

NEUTROGENA® Instant Facial Cream Masks

Housed in the perfect for travel little pods, I love to use these masks as a quick pick me up or if I’m tired from travelling, I use them as an overnight mask – I put apply before bed (pass out from jetlag) and then wake up to great skin. They’re non comedogenic (non-pore blocking) and are gentle on sensitive skin and work in just 15 minutes too. You can wipe off any excess after that time, or like me I let it all soak in overnight. Each pod contains a lightweight cream mask enriched with actives, so they’re great for multi masking. For example, you might need to apply NEUTROGENA® Ageless Boost Instant Facial Cream-Mask to your forehead – which I think is great to soften some fine lines – and NEUTROGENA® Radiance Boost Instant Facial Cream-Mask to your cheeks and nose to really illuminate the area around your eyes (which is where most people look at when they’re talking to you). If you’re not sure which one is for you, I’d say the NEUTROGENA® Hydro Boost Instant Facial Cream-Mask is the best option – as so many skin issues arise from lack of hydration, so it’s a great all – rounder.

Now you’re ready to multi-mask and multi task – and have glowing skin to boot.

this post was created in collaboration with Neutrogena®