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Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
February 17, 2019



It’s always exciting to talk about a brand new skincare range, but even more exciting when it’s a range full of firsts from one of your favourite brands. The new My Clarins range is their first fully vegan range that also premiere’s the innovative plant based In&Out complex. This means it keeps the good stuff in, and the bad stuff out. It does this by utilising coconut water to optimise cell nutrition and give it healthy nutrients (in) and alpenrose extract to detoxify the cells and remove impurities (out). Combined with the My Clarins Anti-Pollution Plant-Based Complex which helps protect the skin from both indoor and outdoor pollution, there’s not many boxes that these products don’t tick. It’s the perfect entry level for anyone looking to dive into premium skincare.

I’ve been trialling the range for the past few months and have been really impressed with all the products. With my busy schedule and lots of travel I always find it interesting to see which products can keep up with my lifestyle while also allowing me to enjoy the act of using them. For me, this range did both as it performed as promised and the natural scents in the products reminded me to take a breath and enjoy the moment while I used them. I also love that they work on all skin types and think they’d be a great first step into proper skincare for your early twenties – the best time to start investing time and knowledge into your skincare routine.

So what are the products?


There are two cleansers: Re-Move Micellar Cleansing Milk and Re-Move Purifying Cleansing Gel. I love the texture of the milk and have been using it as a first cleanse to gently remove my makeup, followed by the gel which is really light weight and leaves my skin soft and clean thanks to it’s ingredients of Meadowsweet extract and orange flower water.


The Re-boost Day Cream comes in three formulas: normal skin, dry skin and combination / oily skin. I have combination skin so my preferred one was the gel texture of the later, which I found kept my skin hydrated for the whole day and love the tamarind fruit acids present in each formula to keep my skin looking smooth and fresh (even after a 13 hour day!).


With 93% natural ingredients, the Re-Charge Sleep Mask has become my go to. Normally I don’t love to sleep in a mask but this one has such a wonderful lightweight formula that totally quenched my skin’s thirst. Ingredients that stood out to me were huang qi extract to keep the complexion clear and acerola seed extract that encourage skin oxygenation. Think of skin oxygenation as important as us breathing throughout the day, well oxygenised skin means the blood is flowing well throughout the skin cells and they can perform to their best. Healthy cells equals great skin. I use this a few times a week or the night before a big shoot.


I always think mists are such an underrated product as they provide such a boost of hydration to the skin. The Re-Fresh Beauty Mist uses fig extract for it’s moisturising powers and I love using it throughout the day to refresh my skin, or even after cleansing at night to tone and soften the skin before the rest of my routine. Moist skin also absorbs products better so you’ll get the most out of your serum and cream if you mist first.


I was really excited to try the Clear-Out Target Gel as I’ve wanted a new spot treatment for a long time but haven’t found one that fulfilled what I wanted. I don’t just want something that is going to dry out my skin, I want it to reduce inflammation, hydrate the area and protect the skin from further breakouts. Well, this guys fits the bill. It’s a lightweight gel (with no stinging!) and I love that I can use it in the day too as it’s invisible.


Having a good cleansing and protecting routine will help diminish the appearance of pores, but sometimes you need that extra helping hand to remove the shine that can be caused around the usually most obvious pores around the nose. The Pore-Less Blur and Matte Stick is small but powerful as it acts like a magic eraser for pores while also gently mattifying the skin. I found it great to with or without makeup, especially if I’m time poor but heading into a meeting.

Overall I am so impressed with this range as it has been a joy to use and see the benefits, and I think Clarins have hit the nail on the head with using the right kind of natural ingredients in these products, plus I love that it’s paraben, sulfate, phthalate free and the packaging is made from recycled material.

photos by Frances Davison

this post was created in collaboration with Clarins