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Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
March 29, 2019



I know this kind of ‘reset’ post would normally be one to be written in January when everyone is trying to start afresh, and that was indeed when I made some changes and did some treatments that kickstarted a new version of me, but it’s only now that I’m really realising the impact they’d have – both mentally and physically – on me. I found out more what my body was craving, and what wasn’t good for it.

intuitive healing 

I first tried the Clarify & Focus treatment with Sinead de Hora in January and this was a real realisation for me that I had been feeling way, way under the weather and hadn’t properly addressed how I was physically feeling.  I’ve been very focused on my mental health for the past 10 months – which is great and still on going – but I wasn’t listening to my body enough. The way it works is that she reads my energies by simply placing her hand on my stomach, then she tells me what she’s found and what seems to be off, then we agree on what needs to be worked on and through a mix of massage and energy clearing we spend just under an hour. I just recently had my second treatment with her and again, was astounded as to how much your body shows the symptoms of what may be going on mentally and reminded me to take time for myself and my health.

lunar cleanse 

I love massage and I love supplements. So, when I was asked to do a Lunar Cleanse at organic pharmacy (whereby they measure your minerals and vitamins, followed by a cleansing chilli massage to kick start a detox) I was in. Seeing what minerals and vitamins I was deficient in was really amazing as it made me understand more what my body needed. My adrenals were all out of whack (surprise surprise) and I was low in antioxidants and calcium. To help my adrenals and help me feel calmer I was given Holy Basil B complex for the morning and magnesium for the evening – which I normally take – but this was mixed with calcium which I’m also a little low on. In the morning I also take the super-antioxidants. The difference in how I’ve felt and how I feel within my body has been huge, I cannot recommend this treatment enough to get to know your body better. I’m now on my third round of the supplements they recommended for me and really do feel the difference if  ever forget to take them.

woman code

I did a Sunday School on hormones where I mentioned this book and had such an amazing response from all of you. I cannot recommend reading it enough (and if you’re not sure, check out the interview the author did with Garance Doré on her podcast first). I understand myself and how my body works better, I am now living cyclically and accepting that I can’t do it all, all of the time. It is quite literally impossible and trying to do so will burn me out. You can find it on amazon here.

On top of that I Marie Kondo-ed my belongings and flat in January and recently did another spring clean. The amount of things we have around us these days takes a huge toll on how we feel and I’m much more decisive now when getting rid of stuff because I know holding onto something 1) won’t change my life 2) no I won’t even use it for a dress up party and 3) every little thing I keep instead of chuck out will weigh me down, and I’ll feel so might lighter when I drop it off at the charity shop in 2 years so I might as well do it now.