Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
March 28, 2019



More than just oranges: one of the most important vitamins you should be applying to your skin every morning. We all know it for its power in helping our immune system ward off any cold or flus and it also works as an incredibly effective treatment when applied topically, too. It has been proven to help skin  problems both before and after they occur. It is the antioxidant – most products use L ascorbic acid – to be using to protect your skin everyday, and here’s why:

Reducing Dark Spots

aiding your skin in the ability to repair itself thanks to its anti anti inflammatory properties, it will even your skin tone no matter your age – whether you’re dealing with acne or pigmentation. It is proven to help prevent and reduce.

Boosting Collagen Production

Vitamin C stabilises collagen cells, which means you’ll have more of them which = plump, glowing skin!

Defend Against Free Radicals

that means all the damage stress, pollution and sun can do throughout the day. Vitamin C will fight them away aka prevent them from doing any damage in the first place.On top of this, I find it gives me skin an immediate glow to the skin. The vitamin is notoriously hard to stabilise in products form so I’ve listed my favourite Vitamin C  products below for you. Whether you use it in a cleanser, a sheer mask, a serum or a cream it’s a great way to get rid of dull looking skin.

Questions I’m often asked…

Reactions to Vitamin C
first off, make sure your product is not kept in the sun or somewhere very warm as this can de-stabilise the formula, and make sure you don’t use it past the date  on the bottle (this is normally the 6M – meaning 6 months- by the pot drawing). You skin shouldn’t react to vitamin c, so if it does it’s likely that your skin barrier is down and sensitised and therefore can’t handle any change in pH. Watch my skin barrier highlight on instagram for more info on this. 
There’s no research to show it’s not safe to use during pregnancy, but always check with your doctor if you’re unsure.
Vitamin C in sunshine
Vitamin C is an antioxidant, not an exfoliant – so it is absolutely safe to use in the sun. In fact, it will help protect your skin as it helps fight free radicals.
When to use?
I recommend using your vitamin c in the morning as it will  help protect your skin throughout the day. Serums and oils will be more potent – and therefore effective than creams as they can absorb deeper into the skin. Apply after cleansing and before SPF.



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