My second gIRL of the series is the kind, warm and beautiful Kavita Meera Mehta. I met her a couple years ago when I moved back to London and was instantly drawn to her character. Since then she has become a mother to Suri and I am honoured to be – in her words – the ‘only person I’d let shoot me like this’. Her mini interview and photos are below, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did creating them.


What makes you feel beautiful?
I feel most beautiful when I’m fresh and clean. After a hot shower or bath using a nourishing oil of some sort in the water, when my hair is freshly washed and dry and I’m moisturised all over. Then I love to prime my skin then use concealer sparingly on areas of my face just to even out my skin tone, use a minimal brown eye kohl to just shadow my eyes in the right places and a touch of blush for the finishing touch. Also my hands and feet fresh from a mani pedi, I just love the feeling. That sounds like a lot already but in truth, that’s when I feel most comfortable in my own skin at the bare minimum. Otherwise in the sunshine with sun kissed skin I feel at my absolute best.
What is beauty to you?
Beauty is so much more than what meets the eye. When it comes to people I naturally find quirks and differences beautiful and from there the beauty can just grow. I struggle to judge beauty at just face value just because it’s one dimension only.  It tends to be their kindness, ability to make you laugh and straight up loyalty – for me that is beautiful. Then beauty can be everywhere I look, if my mindset is right. When I go through periods of meditating, I find that my outlook on life tends to find beauty in people and things more often. Flowers and blossom trees in spring with blue skies, just beautiful. The backdrop of Rajasthan and all of it’s colours, are beautiful to me.
What is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?
My daughter. I don’t want to tell her that every day as she grows up though because I want her to stay grounded, but she really is the most beautiful thing to me. Her coming into our lives was a completely overwhelming and unbelievable time that I still cannot get my head around. Every day I see her growing and elements of her personality coming out, which is so true and pure to who she is. Sometimes I think – ‘I never taught her how to do that’ but she does it anyway because it’s just her and that is beautiful.

gIRL stands for Girls In Real Life and is a personal photography project of mine to capture the women in my life and talk to them about their ideas on beauty. You can see more of the series here.