Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
June 30, 2019



One of the main reasons I love using social media is because I find it such a wonderful place to find inspiration, especially through finding new artists whose work I love and admire. That’s why I started sharing art on my feed too, because for me it’s such a huge part of how I see and understand the world.

An artist I have admired for a while and whose work makes me smile as much as it makes me think, is Jill Burrow. Her underwater work was what first led me to her, and then her incredible ice blocks and foam creations solidified the fact in my mind that she was, indeed, genius. She mixes the simplicity of everyday items together so they are seen in a whole new way, which is something I try to do in my work also. So a few months ago I reached out to Jill to see if she would like to collaborate on some images with me (I was so intrigued to see how she would interpret ‘beauty’ and beauty products) and to my surprise she said yes and the images here are what she created.

Of her work, she says:

I am an American photographer, art director, and mother of two based in the Midwest. My work ranges from still life to fashion and seeks to intrigue observers by teetering the line between reality and surrealism. In my imagery I combine the ordinary with the uncommon, while using beauty as an anchor to tell a story.
For inspiration, I draw from beauty found in the natural world, architecture, and the graceful strength of sunlight. Beginning with an ordinary object or a simple scene found in every day life, my concepts build and progress through the goal of finding a way to elevate the ordinary into an expression of unique observation and vision. 

To create the images below, we spoke about what I loved about her work and how I’d love it to translate to beauty, and I sent her some products to use in the images. I’m so so pleased with the images and work in them she created, I hope you love them too. I’m calling them, Beauty Served Cold.

Make sure you check out her instagram feed, here.