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Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
July 2, 2019



I decided to split my California blogpost into two as there are just so many photos, this is the Joshua Tree & Palm Springs one, and the next will be Malibu and Big Sur.

I went on this roadtrip with my good friend Olive and we booked it just 3 days before so we were very much making it up as we went along. We rented a car and Olive kindly drove as I still can’t (I know, I know…)

Joshua Tree
we stayed in an airbnb cabin, Joshua Wilder Tree Cabin for two nights, which was really beautiful, easy to find and had everything we needed. However I will say that not having curtains at night with the lights on did make us slightly worried! Of course we were fine but being in the middle of nowhere and just two girls who don’t know the area meant our imaginations got the best of us. Being able to see the millions of stars from bed was in fact amazing – as was waking up with the warm sun coming in in the morning and having our coffee outside surrounded by such a vast landscape really made me remember why I love travelling so much.

Palm Springs
We booked very last minute (I think the night before) to stay at the Ace Hotel which was great as it was 50% off and we got a big room with a balcony by the pool. As you’ll see from my photos below we were quite obsessed with the old school Hollywood feel of the pool area, and since we only spent one night and day here this is pretty much where we set up camp. We did drive around a bit the next morning to get breakfast and just loved the mix of the landscape with the architecture. I will add that booking hotels in the US they often don’t add lots of taxes on so quite a few times our bill was a lot higher than we’d expected because they add a resort tax, or city tax or another tax… so it always adds up and I’d check more in advance next time I book in the states.

I hope you love the photos below – we tried to shoot on film as much as we could. I shot on my Olympus mju ii and Olive on her Contax T2. The film we used can be found here.

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