gIRL series: Sarah


Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
July 7, 2019


gIRL series: Sarah

As soon as you are in Sarah’s presence, she is completely devoted to being with you. That is one of the first thing’s I noticed about her when we first met a year or so ago. She asks and she listens, and it’s genuine. If that isn’t one of the most wonderful qualities to have, I don’t know what is.

And she is as captivating as she is captivated. Always smiling and showing tricks or tips she has, no matter the situation. Massage at the BBQ? Sure. Sterilise your piercing while shooting? Oh yes. Dancing all night? You betcha.

She is a ball of energy and delight and the definition of living to the fullest, while being damn talented and creative. We’ve had so many chats about our work and where we see ourselves going and how we will get there I can’t even count them, but I’m thankful for each of them.

Below, Sarah answer’s my questions on beauty:

What makes you feel beautiful?

When I take enough time to myself, taking time to meditate. Somehow self-deprecating thoughts just don’t survive that, and I feel it much easier to connect with myself and others.

What is beauty to you?

Personally, I’m so in love with the natural face and the natural look. In our digital, photoshopped world it’s so easy to feel we need to alter everything. Both in men and women, I think the most attractive thing is confidence and joy not shape. I always feel like we spend so much time thinking about how people perceive us, when really, we’re not that hard outwards when we look at the world.

What is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?

My mother. Her simple approach to beauty wearing boiler suits and oversized silk shirts, just adding a bit of mascara and rouge, has founded my perception of beauty. I absolutely adore her.


gIRL stands for Girls In Real Life and is a personal photography project of mine to capture the women in my life and talk to them about their ideas on beauty. You can find the full series here.