Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
July 15, 2019



I’ve always loved jewellery in much the way I love skincare and makeup  – it’s a little detail and extra something that catches the light that makes you look. You can be wearing the same clothes but changing your jewellery can give the look a whole different vibe, just as adding a lip can do to an outfit. Jewellery also has the wonderful addition of being very sentimental. Important pieces are often things given to your by loved ones and cherished for a life time.

I have so many pieces on my vanity that I show a lot when talking beauty, and often get asked about, so thought it was time to let you know the pieces are in that jumble and why. I’m a necklace layer-er and love stacking up earrings too, but I don’t really wear many rings or bracelets. The brands I’ve included below have lots of options if you want to have a look.

My rook piercing I had done in Liberty at Maria Tash, with the delicate hoop that is in it now, and don’t think I would have done it if had to have a big ‘piercing’ earring in there. It really only hurt for a few seconds while the needle was going through, otherwise it was just a little red after.

I feel like so many incredible girls I know have created collections for some of my favourite jewellery brands, in particular Lucy for Missoma, Estée for Daisy  and of course Olive for Kirstin Ash. I also love Stella Simona’s brand Amarilo.

The pieces I can’t stop wearing from Olive’s collection are the Keishi Pearl Necklace, Sea Trinket Necklace and Tidal Pearl Earrings.

I’ve created an edit of my favourite pieces below, scroll through the pieces and simply click the image to be taken to the product page.




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