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Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
July 8, 2019



Pilates has been something I’ve done for over ten years. I grew up as a gymnast and would train 8 hours a week, but after a bad fall and finding out I had an extra vertebrae (yep) I had to stop at 13, having trained since the age of 4. I was a teenager at the time so didn’t take up another sport immediately, but when I began noticing the pain in my back wasn’t going anywhere I decided to try Pilates to help strengthen my core again and get me flexing in the right way. I started out doing mat Pilates now and then for years but for the past two years or so (since being back in London) I’ve been going to Tempo Pilates.

It’s a reformer Pilates studio with locations in London Fields, Shoreditch and Covent Garden and I love that they mix Pilates with something a little higher tempo to really get the heart going and the sweat spilling. Since it’s the only exercise I do I love that it still feels like a ‘real workout’. I try to go 2/3 times a week when I can, and it’s then that I feel my best. But even just going once a week makes a huge difference. I think lots of people think Pilates is mainly about stretching – and I have to say looking at these photos it makes it looks so easy! – but actually you’re engaging so many muscles the whole time, which is why it’s so toning.

Working out and doing Pilates for me is really about feeling strong and at one with my body. I want to feel well in myself rather than just gets some abs (but hey if I do along the way then great). For me it started as a healing for my body to recover from years of gymnastics but also now it’s a way of checking in with myself and reminding myself to take time to look after my body. Tempo Pilates are kindly offering you all a promotion of 5 classes for £69, valid 26 weeks (originally sold for £120, that’s a £51 discount,£13.80/class) – you just need to create an account through the website, pick the 05 classes | Intro Offer | Valid 26 weeks package and use the promo code: 5-4-£69

(You must be new to Tempo Pilates, offer is not available for students who have been before. Offer can only be used once and allows them access to all classes (Peak and Off-Peak).

See you there!

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photos by Frances Davison