Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
August 29, 2019



Looking after your scalp – not the sexiest thing to talk about, I know, but it’s something we’ve all dealt with. I think of my scalp as an extension of my skin – because it  is! – rather than what’s just under my hair. One of the first things I learned working in beauty was that healthy hair came from a healthy scalp. Makes sense really. If your hair is growing in healthy skin, the hair itself will be healthier.

Even if scalp dryness / dandruff isn’t a concern for you, looking after the area is a great way to ensure you never  have to – and give yourself even glossier hair. It’s a great way to get rid of product build up too, especially if you’re a dry shampoo addict like me – and it’s often an unhealthy scalp that can cause excess oil, too. Or if you’re having trouble growing your hair, your scalp might be why. There are lots of products dedicated to this area these days, and all super easy to use so you won’t feel like it’s an added hassle, I’ve detailed my favourites below.


Perhaps my favourite – and first – scalp product is the Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with sea salt. Yes! A scrub for your hair. It’s as satisfying as it sounds. And it gives you an amazing cleanse, too, and leaves you with squeaky clean hair. It foams loads so a little goes a long way! They’ve just launched the follow up product to this too, the Detangling Gelée with Sea Minerals to nourish the hair without weighing it down.


Recently, I’ve also tried the Omorovicza Revitalising Scalp Mask which has detoxifying ingredients such as Hungarian Mud Moor and Salicylic acid to relieve irritation and unblock pores – and even boost volume! It’s got a cooling menthol sensation to it too which is super gratifying!

The same way I love using prebiotics on my skin, they’re great for the scalp and hair too – to help balance the microbiome all over. My go to brand for this is Gallineée and their Prebiotic Scalp and Hair serum, which is  more of a spray that you apply as a pre-treatment for your scalp the night before you’re going to wash it. Balancing the scalps microbiome regulates your sebum production, which can often cause your hair to get greasy too quickly, and helps prevent dandruff. It also has a little lactic acid and fermented rice water to gently resurface and add shine.


Hyaluronic acid for your scalp? You betcha. The Living Proof Dry Scalp Treatment is a calming product you apply to towel dried hair to add a load of hydration and prevent any dry or itchiness. It’s got a clever tip so you can easily apply the product to the scalp, too. Once it’s on, you can massage it into the scalp and style as usual.

Another product I love to use is the Kérastase Resistance Serum Extensioniste that was created to help hair be healthy and easier tog row. You can apply this on wet or dry hair (it doesn’t leave a sticky residue on  dry – I’ve tested!) and it works for both ends and scalp to help  seal hair cuticles with lipids and create a protective barrier to the scalp so it isn’t irritated by environmental aggressors. Again, because this one has a pipette it’s really easy to apply directly to the scalp.