Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
August 1, 2019



I loved creating the reference point for products with the original Lolita List that focused on skincare, so I thought I’d do the makeup version for you here – listing how I use my makeup and my top picks for each category. I will try keep the list up to date if I find some new gems!

I’ve linked every product under the header description for each skincare category, you can scroll through for more options using the arrows and simply click on the image if you want to find out more about any product – they are affiliate links so I will make a small commission from any sales. I really appreciate anything you buy through these links as it helps support me in the work I do. I’ve tried to include an option to fit each budget for each category

You can find my lists for bodycare here and hair here.


I apply this after spf and before my makeup to add an all over glow to my skin. Think of it as a pre- makeup highlighter. Plus, it helps keep your makeup on throughout the day.



I love adding a little colour to my skin before I’ve applied my base, these go onto the skin really smoothly and are great to mix with your primer.


These are my more everyday base products that I use to even skin tone, and will add a concealer on top – both around the eye or to cover any breakouts. I love these because the feel really light, are super easy to use and look like you’re not wearing any makeup.



The best way to fake great skin on a bad skin day! I use all over if I’m needing a long wear (eg a special occasion or long day!) and just on my trouble areas (for me it’s jawline) to cover my breakouts and scars where I want higher coverage.



I like applying a light reflecting concealer with my fingers under the eye. I find the warm of my fingers means the product really melts into the skin so it becomes part of the foundation rather than look like another layer on top.



Something you need a little heavier coverage for, and a product that isn’t going to slip and slide throughout the day. I like to apply these to the area, leave for a few minutes before blending in lightly by dabbing either my finger / blender / brush on the same spot a few times.



I love using cream products for makeup as they blend in really easily to the skin for a real skin look. I love tapping these on with my fingers to the apple of my cheek and to my lids to add colour and bring the look together – even the bridge of my nose for a gamine sun kissed look.



Again, I love cream for bronzer as it blends so well with my base makeup and looks like a natural glow to the skin. I apply to the shadow under my cheekbones (or rather, to create one!) and around my forehead – where the sun would naturally hit and blend gently into the skin. If I want to top up with powder bronzer after I will, but initially it’s always cream.



If i do want a bit more colour, I’ll add a little powder over the top of my cream product to help the longevity of it throughout the day.



At the moment I love using a brown pencil liner just on the outer corner of my eyes to define and elongate them, but love a black liquid liner for the evening.



From pencils to gels, these are my favourites. If I’m doing a full makeup look I will use a pencil followed by a gel, but if I’m a little more casual then just the gel is enough. Remember to always brush through after using a pencil to make sure it looks natural.



I’m not your ten-shades-blended-together girl but I do love warm browns and pink hues – and the odd sparkle – on the eyes to add depth and definition in the evening. These palettes are my go to’s for easy to do (I don’ t have the talent nor patience for blending 9 shades) chic eyeshadow.



I don’t think this one needs too much explanation, but I love quite natural looking lashes (no clumps, please) and have recently been loving brown shades for day too as I find they look less harsh against the skin.



This tends to be cream as i have rarely tried a powder highlighter that doesn’t show up as powder on the skin. I want my highlight to look like real, healthy skin, not a layer or glittery powder. The ones below are fool proof.



Although i love a glowy look, I do like to set my makeup with a light powder. I focus on the areas where my (combination) skin gets most oily throughout the day: side of the nose, forehead and chin – plus the lower cheek / jawline to lock in the heavier coverage over any breakouts.



To make sure I don’t have a powdery look, I always finish my makeup with a mist. This also helps set the makeup and freshen it up throughout the day, too, if you keep one in your bag.



Whether it’s a wash, stain or lipstick – if I’m going for a lip; reds, pinks and oranges are my favourites as I find they warm up my skin tone. I apply with my finger to smudge the colour so it looks really natural and has a bit of a soft blur finish, then use the excess on my finger on cheeks and eyelids to bring my look together.