Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
September 5, 2019



My first home post! I’m excited to share  photos of my flat with you – to be clear, I haven’t bought, I’m still renting, but this is my first big girl (adult?!) flat living on my own, with an office. I had been thinking / dreaming about this situation for a while. And after a couple months of going to viewings and growing a quite incredible hatred for estate agents wasting my time (by not taking my requirements seriously) I finally stumbled on a flat I knew I could call home. I actually think I was just really tired of searching and knew I had to move soon and thought ‘it’s not bad’ about this flat, but I think my gut maybe knew more because there’s so many things (like the light!) I didn’t even realise when viewing the place that have turned out to be great.

One thing I wish I had checked however was how small the hallway was to get up to the flat which has meant I had to get a flat pack sofa due to measurements. And honestly, saying that, it has made me realise how a few of the things I had in my head (aka my dream big fancy sofa) I won’t be able to have in this place, but that’s fine – you can’t have everything all at once. In fact, it’s actually made me realise how there’s always a way around something to make it fit my ideal. I shall paint the bathroom pink, though, and I am so so happy with the shelves in the living room where I can display all my books and trinkets.

A funny thing I noticed was how much my homewares I have reflect my wardrobe choices and photography aesthetic – I mean it makes total sense – I had just never realised this until it was just my stuff in front of me. One thing I’ve been very aware of also is not getting stuff just for the ‘gram. But I think from seeing the colours and tones I’m drawn to it does very much reflect my social media aesthetic because these are naturally the colours, tones and textures I’m draw to IRL that I naturally reflect online.

I’ve always been drawn to spacious, well lit spaces and – again like my wardrobe – prefer to keep things simple  with the odd bit of something different. My murano glass mushroom lamp for example, which fits in perfectly but definitely stands out at the same time. I also love lots of greenery to make a place feel calming and relaxed. Being in London (although I am right by a park) it’s really important to bring the outside in too. Although I think investing in quality is most important, as I plan on having my furniture for a long time, I did mix a little high and low (again, like my clothes!) and found equally great pieces from H&M home, West Elm, vintage shops, Ikea and small business’. I knew I didn’t want to rush to get every single thing immediately as I found even just  being and living in the space for a couple weeks I understand more what I need and where, and what styles would work with what I’ve already got.

It’s also way more exciting getting things bit by bit as you draw out the pleasure of decorating (not to mention not max out my card all at once!)

No surprise that lighting is really important to me. I’m so happy my office and bedroom get wonderful morning  light that shines through the linen curtains, and my lounge area gets the soft evening light. Thank you sun gods for this. But alongside natural light, I’m very particular with my lighting and rarely use the fixed fittings as I find a softer light from a lamp – or two – make for a much warmer, homey space.

For me the best bits of any home are the trinkets and candles and art on the walls. These are the things that make a space feel really personal and special, and reflect to me so much the personality of whoever’s space it is. I’m currently having some of my favourite artwork properly framed, and have gone for a few different style frames as I like an eclectic mix. These are a favourite style of mine, and of course I have many of my own prints on the wall too, that bring back memories for me.

I love having pieces that were gifts, too, as this reminds me of a wonderful person in my life, like a couple of my vases and plates which I use to have my match boxes (I realised I collect these, also hadn’t realised this until moving into here) that again remind me of travels, people, nights out… you name it. I took the matches. Really it reminds me that creating a space of ones own is in a way a display of the life you have lived, the things you have learned (and read) and the memories you’ve made and who you’ve made them with.

Anyway, I hope you like this first glimpse into my space. There’s so much more to come 🙂 x E

I’ve shared photos below, it’s by no mean done (I still don’t own a dining table or desk or bed!) but it’s getting there and I’m just so excited to start sharing more home posts and interiors with you guys – and take you along for the ride in getting it how I always imagined.


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