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Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
October 17, 2019



I love doing my On Film travel posts for you (you can see more here) as I feel just sharing the film shots shows a different side to travels. It’s daunting but exciting that I can’t see the shots until I get home and develop them, too. One of the most asked questions I get is: what camera do I use? For film I use my Olympus mju II (I found mine here) and either Portra 400 or Kodak 400 max film. Sometimes I use a Contax t2 camera also. I don’t do anything fancy to get them developed, and I ask for them to be sent digitally to me so I can share them online more easily. I haven’t edited any of the images below.

We spent four days in Milos, and flew in from London to Athens and then a very short flight on a very tiny plane from Athens to Milos. We hired a car to get around.

This sweet little bay is where we stayed for our first couple nights – right on the ocean! It was very windy during our time there so the sea even came into the boat house, but we were  warned this was totally normal. It was so secluded and we could hear the waves as we woke up, and have our coffee with our toes in  the ocean which was magical. However it did mean we had to drive each night for dinner but honestly (well, once you’ve figure out the roads!) you can get to Plaka quite easily where there is a great selection of restaurants. Our favourites here were Avli and Archontoula, and Medusa by the sea in Mandrakia. We found our boat house on

Skinopi Lodge
Our second stop was at the incredible Skinopi Lodge, which has the most incredible sunset view from each lodge on the hills. It’s not the smoothest road to get there but wow it’s so worth it! We spent a night at the lodge and a night at their sister Airbnb just up the road in Trypiti which again had a wonderful view for sunset (Greek sunset’s really are something else) and a  rooftop vantage point to watch it from. This one was great as we could just walk to restaurant’s for dinner which up until this point hadn’t been an option.

As I mentioned, it was extremely windy during our stay – so much so that we only managed to spend an hour (nearly flying away) at Sarakiniko one morning as we wanted to shoot there. We headed south otherwise as we were told the beaches would be more covered and were rewarded with the beautiful calm bay at Tsigrado. Firiplaka is near here too and the pink rocks are incredible.