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Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
November 12, 2019



My first trip to Sicily and I wasn’t disappointed – beautiful architecture  and beaches plus delicious pasta and wine – what more could I want, right? We did 3 stops in the week we spent there, which I detail below.

We just spent one night here (mainly to meet up with some friends for dinner). We arrived at night and it was a bustling, busy, loud city – which felt quite exciting after the calm of Milos.
On our day there we walked around to see the beautiful Fontana di Piazza Pretoria, The Santa Maria church and check out a couple vintage shops. The architecture is all so beautiful it really is quite something to take in.

Photos below, scroll down for our next two stops in Sicily.


One of the places I was dying to go was Scopello, specifically for the beautiful beach, below. We stayed in a little hotel we found on in the small village of Scopello for a couple nights which had a lovely view of the ocean to wake up and have breakfast to.
There’s a few restaurants in the village which have great Italian classics – but I’m glad we only had 2 days there otherwise we might have had to repeat everything a lot! You have to pay to use the beach below but it’s only around 5euros and you get a chair etc.
Next time I’m going to try and stay at the villa right on the ocean…

There’s a couple other beautiful beaches around there too, namely Spiaggia di Guidaloca which is just a couple minutes drive away and is free to use  – with some beautifully bright beds and parasols.

Photos below, scroll down for our last (and favourite) stop.


An even smaller island off of Sicily, which we got a boat from Trapani to. It’s only about half an hour on the ferry and very inexpensive (although beware of the waves if you’re sensitive on a boat!)
We stayed in the main town right by the port (again at a hotel we found on – I’m not withholding the name I actually can’t remember it!) which had a lovely rooftop in our room with a beautiful view of the mountains and sunset.

It’s a magical place – we both immediately fell in love with the beautiful little streets, local pistachio pesto (actual heaven) and friendly locals. We were overjoyed to find out most people got around just on bikes, so we rented some for a couple days (around 5euros a day) and got to beaches like this. Our favourite was Lido Burrone, especially for sunset where the ocean goes all sparkly and you can lie on the rocks. We also loved Spiaggia de Cala San Nicole which was less full of tourists – especially after we had cycled all the way to Cala Rosa only to discover that although the water  is very blue and clear, you can only access it by walking (or rather sliding) in off some treacherous  rock, and there’s not much flat rock to sit or lie on either – so we both weren’t that impressed by it as a place to chill out for the day so cycled back.

We spent 4 lovely days eating pistachio pasta, drinking Nero D’avola on our roof and swimming, reading and vowed to go back soon and get a villa with some friends near Lido – I  highly recommend it.