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Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
December 14, 2019



Getting a good night’s sleep is about being in the right headspace to allow yourself to switch off, a bath can be  really helpful – as can sheets that feel wonderful against your skin and scents that get your drifting off as soon as your head hits the pillow.

This is a mix of interiors aesthetic post along with a beauty slant on how  to look after your skin as your sleep – my favourite picks below. Click on the images to see more. These are affiliate links so I make a small percentage from any sales.

I’m a linen girl through and through – something about the way it feels on my skin, and feels light yet cosy means I keep going back to the material for new colours. I love muted greys, browns and pinks but I love the  idea of having a pop of colour on the bed,  too.


with pillow cases I tend to have two linen (which match my duvet) and two silk. I do this because silk doesn’t absorb moisture like other fabrics and therefore doesn’t dry the skin out so much. Plus, if you sleep on your side it means you won’t get wrinkles from your cheek being squished into your eye during shut eye – eye masks are a surprisingly effective way to diminish these wrinkles.


I have a whole drawer of pyjamas because I love the feeling of putting on my sleepwear and doing my skincare as a sort of ritual. I feel a little too old to still be mix and matching big t-shirts and knickers so I love to either cosy up in a long leg and sleeved set or a silk camisole for a more sensual feel.


always on my bedside is a pillow spray (I even have a mini I travel with). Blends of sleep-inducing essential oils to spritz on your pillow before your head gets there to make sure you’re in the right headspace for a great night’s sleep. It may sound extra, but once you try it it’s impossible to go back.