gIRL series: Chloe


Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
January 6, 2020


gIRL series: Chloe

My first gIRL of 2020 is one of my favourite humans: Chloe Helen Miles. Chloe and I met through work I would guess nearly two years ago, and we immediately bonded. We had a mutual friend so I think we both knew we would get on to a certain extent (going on trips with a load of people you may or may not know it’s always nice to see a familiar face) but I don’t think we thought we would become as close as we are. She is a great listener and we have delved into many a deep subject during our times together – neither she nor I have much time for superficial conversation.

Chloe is an advocate for living sustainably – she is vegan and only works with sustainable brands – and she began her own vintage shop last year. Chloe lives her beliefs and I think that is something we can all admire in a person. She is honest and raw and so damn beautiful for it. For the photos for this series we shot half of her barefaced, and half with makeup – she made the decision and told me she wanted people to see that yes, she gets breakouts, and that shouldn’t  be something that is immediately meant to be hidden away – but she also loves makeup. The two don’t have to be mutually exclusive. We shot her in her beautiful flat in Brighton, where she lives and works from. I have to admit, being able to see the ocean from her balcony made me lust over living a little more south. I hope you enjoy the images, and I implore you to follow her.

What makes you feel beautiful?

I feel most beautiful when I’m being true to myself. There is something so beautiful in just being you. Whether I’m in the mood to be done up to the nines or completely barefaced and baggy-clothed, I will always feel most beautiful when I’m presenting myself however I choose to. There’s a confidence and contentment to being however you want to be that will always be beautiful. 

What is beauty to you?

I’m a very visual person, so for me beauty is anything I see that captivates me or positively influences my mood. And that can take so many forms. 

What is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?

I’m completely captivated by light and dark. Evening sunlight and long dancing shadows always stop me in my tracks. A particular favourite of mine, as you know, is seeing dappled evening light on the tops of trees. 

gIRL stands for Girls In Real Life and is a personal photography project of mine to capture the women in my life and talk to them about their ideas on beauty. You can see more of the series here.