Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
March 17, 2020



I wanted to create this blogpost to highlight some beauty brands that are creating great products while also being conscious of planet, in the ingredients, the way the products are made and of course in the packaging. It was slightly delayed along with finding and testing the brands I wanted to include, I was also aware that ‘conscious’ might fall under various categories for various different people. So to be clear, what I am classing as ‘conscious’ are brands that are using recycled / less packaging, are focusing on kinder manufacturing processes, and are making a sociological impact – and are constantly making an effort to be innovative in the right direction. There isn’t one perfect answer to waste free beauty (yet). For example many class glass as better than plastic but glass also weighs a lot more which = more emissions when shipping product. As I said, not one simple answer. The below brands are environmentally and socially aware and pledging to continue to move forward in anyway they can, when they can.

In terms of using beauty products there are some great things to know about – like Terracycle which has drop off points (I go to the one in  L’Occitane Regent Street) where they fully recycle your products, even the sometimes hard to recycle parts, like pumps. You can read more and find your nearest here. I’m also very excited about Loop Store coming to the UK, which is launching very soon – I will of course update you when it does! What Loop does is provide refillable packaging for a range of companies (eg Dove and Haagen Daaz) so that you only need to buy one packaging for eg you deodorant and your ice cream. Once you’ve finished it you send it back, they fill it up again and tadaah – no more single use packaging. I love the idea and am so excited to see how it works day to day.

Focusing on working in tandem with your skin, with the environment and with your bank balance. Creating fewer products to encourage less waste, while also using glass and recycled sugar cane bio plastic packaging in the ones they do. Certified organic and no animal testing.
Cleansing  Hero, Brightening Booster, More Than Moisturiser Body use code EMMAH15 for 15% off

J hannah
As well as making beautiful jewellery, J Hannah create high quality, non toxic, cruelty free and USA made well thought out shades of nail varnish. The perfect subtle shades that go with everything but  are so different from anything else out there. See the range here.

Sana Jardin
Creating a circular economy for the women who pick the flowers that go into the perfume, Sana Jardin has managed to make this normally very seasonal job a year round income to help empower women and  give  them their own business’ as they use the waste from production to create their own products to sell.
Favourite products: Tiger By her Side Candle, Revolution de la Fleur Eau, Berber Blonde EDP

Focusing on being transparent with their sustainable efforts, the brand believes beauty shouldn’t cost the earth, and they are a work in progress that believe the most impactful change comes from ingredients, manufacturing and packaging. Their packaging is recyclable, they have a low associated carbon footprint and don’t cause strain on biodiversity or non renewable resources.
Favourite products: Bakuchiol Booster, Swipe Clean Oil cleanser, Lip Buffer

Neighbourhood Botanicals
an East London born skin, body and hair line that is vegan and house in glass & recyclable packaging.
Favourite products: Sunday Morning Dry Shampoo, Age of Aquarius Hair Oil, The Body Oil

If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know I love a cream makeup product – especially a colour I can use on my cheeks, lips and lids. Manasi7 creates these with the perfect balance of oils and waxes so as not to overload the skin. All organic, made in a slow pace, small quantity as well as being environmentally friendly from beginning to end. Plus they’re highly concentrated so made to last for a long time.
Favourite products: All these colours

REN skincare
One of my longest term favourite brands – REN is also promising to be Zero Waste by 2021 – in that all their packaging will be recycled, recyclable and reusable. They were one of the first ‘clean’ beauty brands when they launched in 2000, focusing on clean ingredients but also clean packaging. What I love about them is they  don’t try and pretend they have it all figured out: they’re really open about their efforts in sustainable packaging and have progressed leaps and bounds since launching, with recently launching the first SABIC beauty product – which is indefinitely recyclable!  (Most plastics can only be  recycled around 2-3 times).
Favourite products: EverCalm Global Protection Day Cream, Ready Steady Glow Daily Tonic, Moroccan Rose Otto Body Oil

Standing for Better Considered – they love  making soap, but in a very different social enterprising way. Mainly with who makes it. BeCO focuses on employing 80% disabled. And they help them find other jobs, too, as they can’t employ them all  full time. (See here) On each bar of soap there’s a photo and a story of who made your soap. I think it’s such a wonderfully simple and effective brand. They sell at Boots and lots of shops so keep an eye out for them!

Monta Monta
an East London born skincare brand that produces small batches in recyclable and refillable containers.
Favourite products: Facial Cleansing Mask, Basil, Parsley + Black Pepper Hand balm, Honey All Purpose Balm

using local farmers and ingredients to act as bio-actives in their skincare and developed with sustainable, pharmaceutical grade manufacturing processes, Codex products don’t slack on performance. They are organic and preservative free.
Favourite products: Bia Skin Superfood, Bia Facial oil, Bia Exfoliating Wash