Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
March 15, 2020



The bodycare list! It’s here! I’ve had such a good reaction to my previous Lolita Lists, both for Skincare and Makeup so thought it was about time I did a bodycare list. An often overlooked (huge!) area of your skin is your body, your hands, your feet… and it needs just as much love and attention as you give your face. It’s important to exfoliate and hydrate just as much to keep the skin supple, firm and hydrated so that it stays healthy looking for longer.

Below are my favourite products for each area with a little explanation of how I would use each one and how often. The products underneath are affiliate links which means I make a small commission from any sales, and I really appreciate anything you buy through these links as it helps support me in the work I do. Use the arrows the scroll along and see more.

If you are in the US, AU, CA or EU you can find most of the products below here.

I love using a hydrating oil, especially at night when it can soak into my skin and I wake up silky smooth. It’s become a ritual for me to apply a beautiful smelling oil before I go to bed, not only does it  help me sleep but it also signals to my mind that it’s time for sleep and makes me really present with my body before getting in some zzz. If you want to lock  in extra moisture apply to damp skin when you get out the shower or bath.


I try to hydrate my body skin at least once a day and love a lotion for the morning. Quick to apply all over it helps my skin not  to feel dry throughout the day. If applying at night a more luxurious, thick texture is always welcome.


I love giving my body a gentle but effective exfoliation every week or so, it’s super satisfying and of course means (just like your face) that your lotions and oils are more effective as they’re not blocked by dead skin cells so can penetrate better into the skin. If you have KP of any sort using a gentle enzyme scrub or AHA / BHA product is great. These are not just scrubs but also products that contain chemical exfoliation.


I get so many questions on backne so the below list are products that are easy to use on the back (eg sprays and washes) to specifically target backne or body breakouts


Gently cleansing the skin and enjoying the smell of something great is super important for healthy skin on your body. And you know, something that looks good in your shower, too.


I love using tan to give me a natural boost of colour so that I look healthy and glowing. I’m no good with mitts and mousses so these are my favourite easy-to-use sprays, lotions and drops.


Great for easing sore and tired muscles, or heavy feet – and even if you have trouble sleeping it’ll help relax you. These tend to contain magnesium to help calm the adrenal system, support muscle and nerves and even your immune system.


Such a basic product, but it doesn’t have to be boring anymore. There are some great natural options (that actually work!) below. I tend to prefer a roller or spray rather than an aerosol as it doesn’t damage the skin (or environment) so much.


We wash our hands multiple times a day which is why they can dry out so easily, so it’s important to give them some TLC, too. There’s even serums and dedicated scrubs these days and alongside keeping a hand cream in my handbag, I’m sure – like me – you love a good looking hand wash and lotion duo on your sink.

Perhaps the most forgotten part of body and skin to look after: our feet. Either tucked in a sock or a shoe it’s easy to forget. They have tougher skin so it’s even  more important we help soften it with some product. I’m a huge fan of a foot mask – and dedicated foot peels are perhaps the most disgustingly satisfying beauty product ever invented.


From dry brushes to massage tools to sponges.


sun protection isn’t just for the face, it’s imperative to wear SPF to protect the skin on the body – and trust me, your future self will thank you! For a deeper, more long lasting tan up the protection. That’s why I use SPF 30 or 50 all the time as even though it  can take a little longer to tan that also means you’re not burning the skin but also the tan will stay for longer.


it’s great to use a dedicated after sun product to help nourish the skin after sun exposure, to help further prevent skin damage.