Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
April 23, 2020



Over the last few weeks I’ve realised even more so that something as simple as getting dressed (or not) can really affect my mood, and in turn my whole day. I’ve had ups and downs like all of us and what I’ve been wearing is really varied – but have found that wearing pieces that lift my mood or feel fun to wear are helping keep me more structured in the day in terms of work and shooting.

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I’ve done both super casual, cosy pieces – neutral, elevated basics – and super dressed up fun for zoom parties! Pieces that have stood out to me are my new Gaspard jumper from Sézane that totally lifted how I felt the seocond I put it on! It’s such bright colour and I love the shapes – I have the brown one from last Autumn and so glad it now comes in this orange, yellow and light blue now. You can find it here.

One of my favourite small brands to support is Paloma Wool. Everything they do is like art and I’ve always been so happy with the pieces I’ve purchased from them. After seeing their new campaign images I decided to get myself the perfect working from home outfit in the form of their knitted outfits – I got the trousers  and cardigan and the navy but love the hot pink too – and seriously it’s so comfortable but I still feel put together when I wear it around the house. Here.

In terms of basics, I’ve been reaching for well fitted (but not crazy tight!) jeans – these H&M ones are a current favourite as they fit my waist well but have a looser shape around the legs, perfect for going from desk to sofa. They go great with an oversized jumper or a simple tank – I love this one that ties up at the front, and which I can throw a big jacket over if I’m going for my walk, too. It’s super basic pieces but I still feel ‘dressed’.

I also decided one Friday night to wear on oversized jacket and new shoes for my nightly sit-on-my-sofa-as-the-sun-sets outfit – best accompanied with a beer or wine, of course. The shoes are really comfy (I went up and down the stairs at least a few times anyway!) and already one of my friends has said she thinks they may become the shoes she wears at her wedding! Totally perfect for both guest and bride, as also come in a variety of shades. Here.

But perhaps the most dressed up I’ve been is when my friend couldn’t do her birthday party anymore but requested we all dress up for a Zoom party call instead (which lasted 3 hours!). I had originally shot this beautiful dress for a sizing guide I did with Farfetch – which you can read here. The dress is really fun to wear and one I would have worn to another friend’s wedding too. I love that you can totally dress it up with heels or can also imagine it worn more causally just with flat sandals. The Rixo currently on sale here.

In terms of moving I’ve found I feel a whole lot more motivated when I put on workout gear that I like, sometimes I’ll just put them on first thing and not work out till an hour or so  later – but I feel like even  just putting them o n gives  me  more energy! Like a super power. Even just stretching everyday is really important to me, doing 20 minutes in the morning or evening makes me feel really present and at one with my body. I love these pieces from Ernest Leoty as they fit my shape really well and feel like they’re cut to hug and contour so I feel great when wearing them.

If you want to always be able to find links to the clothes I wear and products I’m using then save this page to your favourites – I update it all the time.

I’ve linked all the pieces I’ve spoken about and a few other favourites below – just scroll through.


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