Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
May 10, 2020



Taking the time once every week or so to do a proper at home facial is not just great for the skin – but the mind, too. This has been especially true since we’ve been in Lockdown and I’m not able to get in-salon facials, and I’ve been using some great tools to help me get the most ‘professional’ feel and results for my skin. More than just using a mask, these will help you get the results you want faster from your own home! I’ve detailed them below along with the way in which I like to use them.

I’ve linked products under the header description for each tool category, simply scroll along using the arrows to see more and click on the image if you want to find out more about any product – they are affiliate links so I will make a small commission from any sales. I really appreciate anything you buy through these links as it helps support me in the work I do. 

Take the time to intensely cleanse the skin like you would in a facial can indeed be done at home – take your time to cleanse, even up to 10 minutes to gently massage your cleansers in. For an even deeper cleanse using a steamer to loosen dead skin cells and open pores and a silicon tool like Foreo to massage out impurities are great! There’s even a pore refiner tool available which, after using gentle micro currents to loosen the pores, literally sucks out blackheads!


All skin types need hydration! A great way to add hydration to your facial is by using a sheet mask as these lock in the moisture so that it is driven deeper down into the skin rather than evaporating into the air. These are particularly great after cleansing and exfoliating as no dead skin cells will be in the way to stop the hydrating liquid from going deep into the layers of your skin. The deeper the ingredients go, the more effective the result.


LED is so effective at brightening and healing the skin – plus you can use easily daily (I use mine while meditating). You can even apply the LED over sheet masks. These are great for reducing breakouts, fine lines and plumping the skin. The full masks are an investment but in my opinion very much worth it as you get so much use out of it. The smaller handheld devices below are great for tackling specific areas.


With massage! Using a gua sha, roller or even your hands. Not only do these help release tension and improve circulation but also help your products be absorbed better into the skin. There’s no ‘wrong’ way to do it with hands and roller – just do what feels good. For a Gua Sha tutorial head to my instagram highlights.


a little stronger than your everyday exfoliation, these products will offer  salon results in one go (or pack, as some of them need to be used several days consecutively). Perfect if you’ve been slacking on skincare recently or want to feel like you’re starting afresh! No need to be scared of an unsightly Samantha-from-SATC  red skin after, these will simply leave you glowing.


You’ll notice I don’t recommend at home derma rollers. It’s not because I don’t think that they’re effective but just because there is just so much room for error when puncturing your own skin so I’d always recommend leaving this to the professionals.