Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
June 24, 2020



As with all seasons, I like to rely on a few trusty favourites for the summer months. Pieces I can mix and match without much thought that are made of good, durable fabrics that won’t overheat me nor fall apart after one wash. I find it’s not about buying lots of pieces but rather being tactful in the pieces you do buy and knowing they can all work together to create the most amount of outfits for you, and adding classic pieces to your wardrobe that you’ll love for a long time to come. I have a set neutral colour theme I stick to (this is just what makes me the most comfortable) which also aids the whole mix’n’match idea. For me feeling confident and happy is wearing clothes I feel comfortable and sexy in, that don’t require me to check they look okay every 2 minutes.

Everything here works together and compliment each other, so just pick a few favourites and you’re sorted!

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The ease of throwing on a shirt compares to none other, and that’s why I live in them. They go with everything. The can make a dress casual if worn and tied around the waist or tied at the waist. Especially linen, which is a great fabric for heat as the weave allows more airflow and stays away from your skin (especially great if you get breakouts on your body). There are endless ways to wear them and that’s why they are the ultimate staple to my capsule wardrobe.


Again, so easy to go with an oversized shirt or over a bikini. It’s not just jean shorts that I love but also bike shorts. There’s so many great colour and fabric options out there and they work for so many occasions.


My staple for all seasons: good fitting, quality denim. Works with all tops, all shoes, all moods…You can’t go wrong. Since I started spending a bit more on jeans I realised the difference in fit (for someone with a tricky shape) and quality (they don’t go baggy after 2wears) was most definitely worth the cost.


I’m more of a trousers kind of girl day to day but I love a satin skirt or slip dress to throw on in the early evening or for more an occasion, or tying a shirt around the waist of a dress for a more casual vibe, then choosing my shoes depending on how formal I want to be.


From the perfect tank top to long sleeve cuts for the evening, these are cut so they look pulled together rather than drab, and will help elevate basics like jeans and sandals.


It’s so easy to forget about shoes – especially in summer – but for me they are what really brings an outfit together. It structures a look and good quality shoes, to me, show you care about your style. The styles below are comfortable to wear and easy to slide on as you’re going out the door and will last you a long time, too.


It might not be at the beach this year but hopefully we can all sit in the park and lap up some rays. I love styling swimsuits as bodysuits with jeans to get more use out of them, and bikini’s worn under low buttoned shirts adds a wonderful summery touch to any outfit.


whether it’s a big straw basket or a little leather clutch, a bag really helps bring a look together.


More styling ideas in the photos below.

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easy capsule summer wardrobe white jeans and tank

easy capsule summer wardrobe linen grey shirt

easy capsule summer wardrobe

easy capsule summer wardrobe

easy capsule summer wardrobe white shirt

easy capsule summer wardrobe perfect tank top ribbed