Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
July 24, 2020



Hotter weather doesn’t mean an overhaul of all your skincare products, but rather a slight realignment of what will work best to keep your skin clear, hydrated and protected during  the summer months.

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when it’s warm you want to be using lighter textures in products, so as not to overload the skin. Thick moisturisers can be kept for winter evenings. In summer it’s all about layering serums and water gel creams to hydrate and lock in moisture for the day.


with more sweat, it’s tempting to have multiple showers per day to ‘freshen up’. While, of course, it’s good to remove bacteria from the skin – be cautious not  to dry out the skin with all the water, and hot water can lead to inflammation.  So if you’re showering more, make sure to remedy this by not being in there longer than 5 minutes, and once you’re out apply a hydrating  product such as a lotion or oil to hydrate the skin. I love spray ones the most as they’re  so easy and fast to use!


mists are a great addition to your summer routine if you don’t use one already – you can use them after cleansing to balance and moisten the skin for better absorption of serums, after moisturiser to balance the skin and throughout the day (over makeup!) to freshen up and hydrate. Plus they feel super  refreshing. I love keeping one in the fridge too – and they can be used tip to toe!


of course, my favourite topic. I wear sun protection in the dead of winter so of course it is vital in summer too! A question I get a lot is how to top up sunscreen throughout the day. If you’re not wearing makeup of course just apply another layer. If you are, I’d recommend starting by layering SPF in  the morning to give you more protection. So use  an SPF, then perhaps a foundation with SPF in too. Already more protected. If you want to still top up in the day, there are some great SPF sprays or powders which work perfectly on top of makeup as well as freshen and reduce shine! And of course, wear a hat!


in our skincare of course (hello hyaluronic acid and serums!) but also from the inside out. Make sure you’re drinking enough water. I’d say 2-3 big reusable bottles worth. I find it easier to drink more when I have a bottle as the ease of not having to top it up all the time means I consume more.


don’t be afraid to keep exfoliating in the summer months, just make sure you do it in the evening and make sure to be using sun protection in the day. If you’re going on holiday or specifically spending more tine outdoors I’d lessen the amount of exfoliants you use and focus more on skin barrier strengthening ingredients like omegas, niacinamide and ceramides.


just because I get asked this so much: Vitamin C is NOT an exfoliant! So yes you can use everyday in the summer. Investing in a good Vitamin C serum makes a huge difference to skin for many reasons; it helps protect your skin from damage, balance and prevent pigmentation, promote collagen production and lessen the appearance of fine lines.

in summer I love hydrating, balancing and nourishing the skin with concentrates – these are best found in serums but also in sheet masks, which are sheets drenched in the concentrate! These are even more wonderful if you keep them in the fridge so that they have an added cooling effect to calm  any inflammation too.


if you’re spending the day in the sun and accidentally get burned then at first use a  cold compress to remove heat from the skin. Do not use oils or thick creams until the redness is down as these will trap the heat. Lightweight, hydrating products are you best friend.