Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
August 3, 2020



It’s been nearly a year (!) since I moved into my own space and since I made a few initial interior design decisions – mainly with the bigger pieces of furniture (blogpost here). Earlier this year I made some bigger changes  in the  office, which still hadn’t quite found its groove, and now am so happy with the vibe  and storage options that I desperately needed in there.

Over the past few months I’ve been focusing more on smaller, decorative pieces that can make a difference to the feel and colour tones of rooms. In particular I love unusual vases, candles, candle holders and trays.

I want to create a calm atmosphere in my home so that I feel my best when I’m there and I can recharge to my fullest. As a very visual person I find calming colours to be warm neutrals, so beige, rusty pink, wood are my go to’s. I also think smell has a huge impact on the way you feel and so I love adding candles or diffusers throughout the house.

I’ve linked products under header descriptions below, simply click on the image if you want to find out more about any product – they are affiliate links so I will make a small commission from any sales. AD. I really appreciate anything you buy through these links as it helps support me in the work I do. 

I fell for these designs the second I saw them, they’re so modern – but in a way that I feel will never go out of style. The shapes intrigued me and I love looking at them. I got a pair of the candle holders and have my eye on the woman vase. 


I got most of my big pieces when I moved in but still love getting new lighting – this has a huge affect on the feel of a room! – and also making sure I look after wooden pieces. I recently bought some Danish oil to spruce my table up as it had lightened a bit from wear and light, it was so easy to use and felt very accomplished after. I’ve linked a new and similar one below, but I actually got mine on ebay here, as the vintage ones can be a little cheaper for this design.



these are something I’ve been getting into lots lately as they’re a visual treat! My favourites are the Lex Pott ones. Even if you don’t burn them they look great on a shelf or table as an objet.


scent has a huge effect on my mood so I like to be conscious of the atmospheres I’m in. It also signals to my brain ‘this is calm’ or ‘now it’s time to sleep’ etc. I love to burn sage and palo santo around each room in the morning, but also love room sprays, candles and pillow mists. It’s the perfect way to create the atmosphere you want and turns into quite a ritual!

I’ve also got a special code for you all! Att Pynta – the chicest Scandi homeware brand – where I got my gingham pillow and various vases and candle holders from are kindly offering you 10% off when you use code EMMA10. See their products here