Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
September 23, 2020



What pieces to invest in as the weather gets cooler? For me, going from summer to Autumn is all about adding layers, you don’t need a whole new wardrobe since summer, but maybe a couple new layers – I love these most in the form of jackets, knits and boots. And if you’re still looking for the dream pair of jeans, this is the season to find them so that you can wear them for the upcoming winter and spring, too.

I’ve linked clothes below, simply click on the image if you want to find out more about any product – they are affiliate links so I will make a small commission from any sales. AD. I really appreciate anything you buy through these links as it helps support me in the work I do.

immediately smarten up a look, and look great with literally everything
most worn: this jacket fits so well, I love the boxy cut that sharpers up any outfit –  plus it comes in several colours. HERE


the perfect layer for the winter, a good knit lasts so long and can change the look of an outfit
most worn: never did I think I’d be a cardigan girl, but I love this one as it looks great off the shoulder or tied with jeans & skirts. HERE


keep it classic – from shirts that can be worn undone or tied at the waist depending on the occasion, to perfect-for-layering tank tops and tees.
most worn: you probably haven’t seen me not wearing this white linen shirt of late. It’s soft, it’s chic, it’s perfect HERE 


to last you the season, worth investing in for comfort and durability.
most worn: I got these dark brown leather boots from Jonak last winter and plan on wearing them this year, too. They are super comfortable (from the start) and go with jeans and skirts HERE



when you find the right pair, it’s love. There is nothing quite like knowing you can rely on a good pair of jeans to make you feel pulled together. 
most worn:
my forever perfect pair of jeans – the only ones I’ve found that fit my shape – honestly worth every penny. I have them in both denim blue and black HERE


I love these to feel a bit more dressed up, if I’m heading for dinner for example. I’d never been a jumpsuit girl but this black one has been se easy to throw on when I want to leave the jeans behind.
most worn: I’m still loving the softness and perfect chocolate shade of this ribbed knit skirt HERE


I update my daily outfits here, and you can find my pick of the best sales here.