Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
February 3, 2021




When you’ve decided to invest in an LED mask you want to know which one will give you the best results, but also how much is worth spending on a device. I know you can find them on amazon for less than £50 but honestly those just aren’t going to last, and it’s likely the device hasn’t passed certain results testing.

It’s a great time have such a great facial treatment device at home as salons are currently closed – but it’s also a long term investment for your skin, whatever your needs and issues an LED will benefit every skin type and age. Although they can seem pricey, if you break it down to cost per use, it will work out just over £1 per daily use – and that’s just the first year! After 5 it’ll be less than 20p. Longterm it is very much worth it – especially since we’re not able to get facials at the moment, and haven’t been spending the money on those. Having a professional treatment device at home will give you the results you really want.

How does it work?
Light Emitting Diode works deep down in the skin, and when the light acts on the fibroplast of the skin cells it helps repair them, as well as promote collagen production (that which gives you plump, elasticised skin). It can also work by reducing the amount of sebum the skin produces, resulting in less breakouts or oiliness.

My top 2 are The Light Salon BOOST mask and the MZ Skin Light Therapy.

Since sharing them both recently I’ve had an influx of questions about which is best to invest in. From my experience of using them both, they both have different pros and cons. While the MZ skin has a wider range of light colours (meaning it can tackle slightly more skin issues with yellow, green, white, blue and red) it also is plugged in at the wall, which means you have to sit/lie – which is great if you’re having a chilled facial in the evening, but fitting into a morning routine is harder! It’s also heaver(solid mask rather than flexible silicon) so can leave a slight dent on the nose area. The Light Salon one you can walk around in but also has less light options with just red and near infra red lights – but again, has the added benefit of near infra red light (MZ does not) which can penetrate the deepest layers of your skin for incredible results.

To summarise, they’re both great so there is no ‘wrong’ decision, and at similar price points your skin will see the benefit either way. If I had to rate each I’d say for sensitive or breakout skin pick MZ (yellow, white and blue light focus on these) and for overall brightness and tackling wrinkles go with The Light Salon.

You can use my code EMMA20 for 20% off The Light Salon here.

If you really want to try LED but don’t have the budget to spend nearly £400 then Foreo and Dr Dennis Gross do great handheld devices that you hold up to smaller areas of skin you want to heal.


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