gIRL series: Catarina


Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
August 26, 2021


gIRL series: Catarina

I’m so overjoyed to be able to start shooting again for my personal project: gIRL. It stands for Girls In Real Life and is a project I started a few years ago to shoot the women in my life, and chat to them about their ideals of beauty. You can find all past ones here.

To re-launch the series I’m so happy to have been able to shoot the wonderful Catarina, at 9 months pregnant with her beautiful bump. She was a dream to shoot at her house in London, and I’m so happy with how the images came out. She is an incredible creative herself, and her eye for detail shows in her home, work and style.

I hope you enjoy the photos below and reading her answers on beauty…

What makes you feel beautiful?
It’s funny because I think this has changed a lot since I got pregnant. If before I felt most beautiful when I would put something sexy and trendy on, now I feel most beautiful when I strip down and appreciate my body for its capacity of growing a human being.

What is beauty to you?
To me, beauty is a state of peace and calm. That can be a quiet pink sunrise sky, the stillness of a photograph, my mum’s wrinkled smile when she picks me up at the airport, a really cosy home, etc.

What is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?
I think the most beautiful thing I’ve seen so far is the movement of the baby inside my belly. I stare at it for hours and I love how close I feel to this person I don’t yet know.

gIRL stands for Girls In Real Life and is a personal photography project of mine to capture the women in my life and talk to them about their ideas on beauty. You can see more of the series here.