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Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
August 5, 2021



I’m very honoured to speak to FaceGym founder Inge Theron to learn more about creating the world’s first gym for the face, and help both men and women learn how to look after their facial muscles as they age.

I had my first FaceGym ‘workout’ a few years ago when they had opened their studio in Selfridges, and was amazed at the results. This was before face massage was a regular occurrence for me, or a big social media trend. It showed me just how much difference looking after the muscles in my face could have. Just as we go to the gym and stretch our bodies to stay toned, we should do the same with our faces. For me, this really began my philosophy to look after the skin without injectables and although I don’t have quite the same skills as the Master Trainers at a FaceGym studio, implementing certain movements into my daily skincare routine – and now the skincare products to compliment these – has become second nature for me.

And it seems it’s not just me, with over 1 million followers across social, and 150,000 facial workouts under their belt, FaceGym has clearly made their Lift, Tone, Sculpt impact on a lot of people who are all reaping the benefits. I chatted to the founder of FaceGym, Inge Theron, to learn more about how it started and the new high performance skincare line.

this is a content collaboration, but as ever all opinions are my own.

How did Face Gym come about?

I had been writing for the FT as the ‘Spa Junkie’ for several years and had travelled the world and tried a huge range of treatments from aesthetics to facials to high-tech treatments and more. Having seen and tried so much, I felt that there was an opportunity to look at our faces more holistically, working on the muscles – just like we do with our bodies! Facial muscle manipulation, facial massage and tools played a tiny part in traditional facials at the time (it seemed like endless product on and off), yet this made the biggest difference to my appearance. What solidified this muscles-first approach for me was the lack of downtime and expense, I realised we could create a really powerful range of treatments that delivers all the glow, tone and lift with no to low side effects. So, FaceGym is really the sum of all the very best bits of the countless facials and beauty treatments I have ever had and none of the over-priced, over hyped and underperforming results.

What’s been your favourite moment as founder since it started?

I have had so many amazing moments since FaceGym began, every studio we open and every product we launch is deeply personal. But my favourite moment so far is the launch of our new high-performance skincare range, I’m so proud we managed to defy the odds and produce highly efficacious  products that are sustainably sourced and packaged. Winning so many awards for the Supreme Cream “most sustainable beauty packaging” means the world.

When you have worked so hard, (the development took over 3 years and was a real labour of love), seeing the range come to life and all of our fans using it and LOVING it, has been absolutely amazing.

Who is FaceGym for?

Everyone! The results can and will be seen, whoever you are. We also tailor all of our in-studio workouts, so if you’re in your 20s and looking for age prevention, there is something for you, at 30 we start applying boosters and if you’re in your 40s when deeper signs of ageing is setting in we know you have different skincare needs so we amp up the time, technology and active skincare. The menu was designed like Lego so you can totally customise your experience and results to suit your needs.

The new skincare range; how did that come about?

We wanted to create a unique actives-in-motion skincare line that embodied the FaceGym philosophy; a range that built on our expert-led workout moves and delivered instant and long-lasting results. It was all about creating a perfect combination of sculpting, firming movements and the ‘goop’, we really wanted to empower our community with a simple easy-to-use method that was designed with the formulas to give the studio results but at home!

Each product was carefully created and designed in house, with our chemists and skin fitness experts (our Master Trainers) working together. Each product has a unique application method, which is accessible via QR code on pack, as well as clinically-proven, high-tech ‘trigger actives’ that kickstart the skin’s natural building blocks to boost its own regenerative capacity. A dual approach for optimal results – it’s a skincare movement!


My take on the new FaceGym skincare products:

I’ve tried the products myself, and of course the Multi Sculpt tool is incredible; a stainless steel next gen take on the Gua Sha, so precise with it’s mix of shape and structures for a multitude of lifting and draining movements. I love using it along my jaw to release tension I hold there.
The range also include a hydrating serum ‘Hydro-Bound’ which uses both hyaluronic acid and niacinamide to deeply hydrate skin cells and boost the skin barrier, the non stripping ‘Electro-Light’ gel cleanser, the incredible  clinically proven ‘Supreme Restructure’ collagen boosting cream which uses EGF, Micro Algae and hyaluronic acid to help skin become visibly firmer and smoother.

And last but not least, my favourite: Youth Reformer. A highly potent, firming Vitamin C and Nootropic oil in serum that absorbs beautifully into the skin and alongside Vitamin C – to keep skin bright and plump – and hyaluronic – to hydrate and promote cell rejuvenation – uses Micro Algae to reduce fine lines and lots of fatty acids to look after the skin barrier and keep the skin protected. Of course, it has a wonderful slip to it and is perfect for cheek hooks, finger whipping and L shape drains (if you scan the QR code those movements will be explained to you).

You can find the whole range available here.


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