Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
October 18, 2021



As someone who spends max 10 minutes doing her makeup, I love using products that – of course – make me look good, but also: are easy to use. I want the products to be easily blendable and I want them to essentially look like I’m not wearing them. I’m going for an elevated version of me.

I can’t remember the first time I tried Charlotte Tilbury products, but I do know that I have been using them ever since. So many of my staples (primer, lip liner, brow gel) come from her! Below I’ve taken you through my top products and why I love them.

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No one that has ever used Hollywood Flawless Filter  primer has ever not looked in the mirror and said ‘oh wow!’. I use shade 2 and it gives me such a wonderful natural glow and an ever so slight warm up to my skin. I apply it mainly on cheeks, nose and forehead before but it can be used for a cream highlight on cheekbones to finish, too.

I find if you have a good primer, sometimes you don’t even need foundation – just a little concealer here and there. The Magic Away Concealer is full coverage but still sinks into the skin to look natural. I use shade 5 medium and like to use it under my eyes, on my cheeks where I have a little scarring and on any breakouts before blending. It totally perfects the skin.

Perhaps my one true makeup love. I have one in my bathroom, and another in my handbag because I never want to be without it. The cult classic Pillow Talk Lip Cheat lip liner. The most ‘my lips but better’ shade that is so flattering on many skin tones. I use it to ever so slightly over line my lips (in the natural curve) and then follow with either the Hyaluronic HappiKiss or Matte Revolution Lipstick, both also in Pillow Talk.

You can see by now what a fan of the Pillow Talk shade I am, so I also love to use the Matte Revolution lipstick on my cheeks and bridge of my nose to add some colour to my face. I find that when the lips match the cheeks it gives an even more soft natural feeling to the face as a whole.

A recent addition to my makeup bag, the Hollywood Contour Wand has become a fast favourite. I always prefer liquid bronze as – again – it just blends into the skin more and adds glow. I se shade Light to Medium and apply in areas where the sun would naturally hit me and also on my eyelids.

I’m very picky with my brow products because I’m very picky with my brows (I never let anyone else touch them! I pluck them myself after years of trial and error in shape). The Brow Cheat pencil in Soft Brown is so easy to use thanks to its angled tip which gives you such precision when adding in ‘hairs’ as I like to, rather than a block of colour. It’s also refillable!

Another long term favourite of mine is Brow Fix Clear Brow Gel. I pull of the hairs with the gel going outwards of my face, then back in, and finish by pressing it down with my fingers for a feathered look. It holds really well and never dries out – and I also sometimes use it to keep baby hairs in place!

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this post was created in collaboration with Charlotte Tilbury