HOW TO BY EMMA – a creative mentorship


Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
November 3, 2021


HOW TO BY EMMA – a creative mentorship

I have been working in online media – journalism, photography and visual branding – for nearly a decade and have decided to share my knowledge of the industry with an online mentorship! I’m passionate about helping others achieve and will be sharing openly and honestly about my own experiences and the lessons I’ve learned along the way.

The How To by Emma mentorship workshops and group aims to create a community in which creatives can find out how to turn your idea, passion project or side hustle into a successful business – while also bringing people together as a collective. The group welcomes everyone from all backgrounds and stages of their life and work.

Whether you want to be a successful influencer, set up a brand or develop your creative talents, or are even a freelancer wanting to tell their story online, I’m so excited to guide you and provide the resources on how to create a strong online presence and personal branding, find your niche; shoot your content and best to run the admin side of things; from pricing yourself, finding clients, maintaining relationships and billing.


  • build a personal brand
  • create an aesthetic
  • take great photos
  • price yourself and make money
  • run a successful business

As part of the How To by Emma group you will have access to my workshops on Personal Branding, Photography, Videography, Business and Confidence & Creativity alongside the @howtobyemma page with Live streams, everyday tips and Q&A sessions focusing on everything from money and photography to editing and branding.

The Lives will stay on IGTV, so that you never miss a class and helpful everyday tips and lessons will be shared on the feed, meaning that wherever you are in the world, you can watch the content and feel part of the collective. Every topic covered is something I share my knowledge, thoughts, experiences and tips alongside an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into how I create my own content. I will also invite guest speakers on to have an open and honest chat and share their experiences.

I wanted to make this accessible to all which is why I have decided to do it as a small monthly subscription fee, which works out to just £3.50 a week!

‘For me, this is about having a support system full of knowledge and experience. I would have loved a mentor to help guide me when I first started out!’

This is ideal for the anyone who wants to succeed as a creative and needs guidance on how to get there, without the large price tag of a traditional mentor.

You can find out more at and join here


With your yearly membership – which works out to just £15 a month – you will have access to every course available on the site, plus the @howtobyemma Instagram page with live streams, guest talks, helpful business and creativity tips plus Q&A sessions focusing on everything from money to photography, editing and branding. You will also be invited to join the community message board for community topics and to expand your own network.



This is more than just another online booklet, this is a 360 approach to creative support, information, community and growth.
I want you to succeed. I created this for fellow creatives, and a younger me who would have loved a community who support me and feel part of a group while working alone I love supporting women to succeed and I’ve watched so many blossom since launching the mentorship. I am teaching you what I had to learn, and hopefully this can fast track your success and happiness within it.


By becoming a member you’ll receive:

•detailed tips on how to grow your following

•support from the whole HTBE community

•tasks to help you define your brand

•my detailed experiences within the industry and what I learned from them

•insights on how I grew my business and income in 4 years from nothing to 6 figures

•negotiation tactics

•how to create a standout media kit

•my top tips for taking beautiful photos + videos

•key words to look for when reviewing contracts

•pitching templates

•pricing resources

•access to the message board to ask questions, share experiences or even find other collective members to work with!

•unlimited courses on the website

•access to all member and guest talks and most of all SUPPORT from myself and the whole creative community

You can find out more at and join here