Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
December 1, 2021



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While I was making my picks of what to shoot and share with you, I realised my goals for gifts are always to
1) to put a smile on someone’s face and
2) to get them something they wouldn’t get themselves and
3) bonus points if it makes them take a moment to unwind in their day.

I think perhaps because that’s what is so lovely about giving – something that can brighten a loved ones day, whatever that might mean for them.

You can use this guide to find gifts, or even send it to someone who might need ideas for you…

I haven’t broken them down into ‘for her/him/they/young/old’ etc categories because I wanted things that could be for anyone – from your uncle to your great grandma (ok, maybe don’t get them the bra, though!) I hope you like them!

And Merry Christmas ūüėČ


Who doesn’t love a candle? You can’t ever have too many and there’s so many beautiful choices these days. This year I’ve been so impressed with the launch of Loewe’s scents and candles – all inspired by a vegetable garden. Sounds weird but you don’t want to miss out on Tomato Leaves or Luscious Pea – which come in a beautiful gift set at the moment, too. HERE
The tall scented Coriander candle also really stands out. HERE

Ah, our first home wear piece. Since having my own flat I’ve loved hosting dinner parties (now that we can!) and the Polkra x Anna Glover ones are so fun and joyful – a great conversation started, and something I will smile with for years. Perfect gift for any host! HERE

Est√©e Lauder recently launched a whole new luxury fragrances collection, and I was so impressed with the range – my favourite being Sensuous Stars, with Chinese Plum and French Lavender it’s a captivating scent. HERE
If you want something classic (so good to scent rooms too!) the Jo Malone Orange Bitters or Pomegranate Noir are cult classics for a reason. HERE
Chanel celebrated 100 years of No5 this year and have done a special Limited Edition packaging HERE

As a bath aficionado, I enjoy immensely sharing my love for a good soak with a luxurious oil to pour in your bath. For me, it’s like giving that time out and relaxation to a person and my forever favourite is the Susanne Kaufmann¬† Oil for Bath the Senses as the mix of Ylang Ylang, Lavender and Patchouli are so comforting and relaxing, and the sprig of Rosemary in the bottle itself is such a beautiful touch. HERE

If there’s one thing we seem to have all become obsessed with, it’s interiors. Whether you’re renovating or dreaming – this book is such a great gift for those who might need some design top tips when it comes to lighting or style versus comfort. Super handy and great to have to refer back to for anyone you know starting a new chapter. HERE

Snore, right? Well, no. They don’t have to be. These ‘Happy Day’ socks from CBD brand Trip are cute AF to look at (and gender neutral too) but are also, surprisingly, like walking on a bed of soft moss. HERE

Scent is the gift that keeps on giving, and few diffusers are as chic as the Diptyque Roses Diffuser with it’s new Prismatic objet – and it’s now refillable! Help that loved one wake up and smell the roses everyday ūüėČ HERE

This can be a tricky choice sometimes, but the Westman Atelier trio takes the guess work out as works on so many skin tones to warm up, bronze and highlight. It’s my favourite cream blush and I love how these mini ones can pop in my bag for a night out! HERE
For something more ‘special occasion’ the new Byredo Mad Red shade is so saturated, and the silver and gold, curved packaging stands out HERE

Not another boring vase, no one needs more of those. Marloe Marloe create timeless pieces with the most incredible textures, and this handmade charcoal ceramic in matte black looks as good empty as it does filled with flowers HERE

Buying someone underwear doesn’t always have to be lacy lingerie – I know so many friends who have had their eye on Dora Larsen pieces this year, and this new pink and green colour set is both fun and comfortable while enhancing the natural shape of the body. HERE

Hand care can be such a luxury. So often we do it in a rush or always forget about it – but trust me, and Hermes cuticle oil will coo your nam every time you get into bed, reminding you to look after those talons. HERE
And there is no hand cream better or more classic than the L’Occitane SheaButter one. HERE
Judging by the amount of messages I get daily about the nude nail varnish I wear (worn in these images) I can guarantee it’s a home run HERE

The kind of thing you probably wouldn’t buy yourself, so it’s the perfect gift! An eye mask made¬† of rose quartz is the perfect go between between skincare tool and self care weapon. It makes you sit back, breathe and slow down – all while the rose quartz help reduce inflammation around the eye (it’s naturally cool to touch) and help with circulation for radiant eye area. (As someone who suffers with migraines, it’s also great on your head to cool and calm!) HERE

Bobbly jumper < smooth knits. And everyone would agree. Not to mention this tool is so easy (and fun!) to use to spruce up your well worn knits. A great way to encourage rewearing old pieces rather than buying a new piece, too. HERE

A crowd pleaser, updated. Keep warm and do good. I love the Damson Madder mixed yarn beanie made from 3 recycled bottles. HERE

If you’re after a photography print – you can peruse¬†mine HERE all profits in December will go to Action Aid to help support refugees.
For something smaller and more.. eye catching? These Royal Flushes playing card king size prints are amazing HERE

Skincare that everyone wants (eye care is always a number one concern!) and the new Dior Roses eye serum is like a luxury tool and skincare in one. It adds luminosity to the eye area while reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and is quite the treat to use thanks to it’s cooling applicator. HERE

If you’ve got someone creative in your life who wants photography, social media, business and branding help¬† – may I recommend one of my How to by Emma courses. You can buy them individual courses or a year’s subscription to the mentorship for access to all of them HERE