Emma Hoareau

Emma Hoareau
May 31, 2016



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A remedy for fine, flat hair.One of the things I loved most about growing up in Paris (alongside eating fresh croissants for
breakfast, Nutella crepes for my afternoon snack and baguette and cheese for dinner) was the
pharmacies. Now infamous in the beauty world, there’s a reason French pharmacies have
made such a name for themselves: they brought incredible well priced beauty products that
actually work to the masses. It’s the place I discovered some of my favourite skin, body and
hair brands at the time, most of which I still use today.

The brand that stands out the most, however, has to be Klorane. I’m a confessed addict to
their oatmilk dry shampoo (if you haven’t tried this, then why!? It’s a fashion industry
favourite for a reason!) and was very happy to find out about the launch of their newest range,
Flax Fiber, which aims to add volume and texture to the hair. Basically a dream come true
for a fine haired girl like me.

What is Flax Fiber?

If you’re into your healthy eating you’ll have heard of flax seeds before, but the way it works
to add volume is by using the flaxseed soluble fiber extracts in the products which form an
invisible film around the hair to help coat and texturise the hair strand by strand without 
weighing it down, therefore adding genuine volume and texture.

How I use the products:

I love using a shampoo and conditioning balm which are helping me give my hair the desired
look before I’ve even stepped out the shower. Once I have, I apply the texturising spray to
towel dried hair before blow drying. My hair now feels lightweight and pumped with volume.
And what’s more: the spray doesn’t contain parabens, silicone or alcohol so it won’t damage your
hair – that’s the beauty of using botanical products.

$13.95 each at your nearest store pharmacy


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this post was created in collaboration with Klorane
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